Build Back Better

We have recently completed a couple of fascinating projects addressing two of the most important issues of our troubled times. For both, our role was to brand the campaigns and then apply these to web design and build.

The first campaign, for which we worked with Project Everyone and the Climate Coalition, was a campaign dubbed Choose Life. Its purpose was to galvanise support and provide a voice for those demanding strong leadership by the UK government in tackling Climate Change. The project also helped users find ways in which they can take personal action and educate themselves on ways to build a better, fairer, greener world.

The second project, Save Our Future, was a response to the fact that 90% of the world’s students have had their education disrupted by COVID-19. Our website, created in partnership with a global network of stakeholders, was a rallying cry to leaders all around the world to invest in education and so strengthen the future prospects of an entire generation.